Are you considering leaving your pet at a doggy daycare center? You probably have a lot of questions, and it’s completely understandable. Dog owners are not super comfortable with the idea of leaving their furry friends among total strangers. What if it doesn’t like it? What if it gets harmed? How exactly does a daycare facility care for dogs?

However, we will answer these questions and many more you need to know about pet care facilities.

What Is a Dog DayCare?

A dog daycare is much like a kids daycare. You drop your dog off at the daycare center and leave. While you’re away, your dog gets to play, laze around and be in the company of other dogs. A daycare also has pet trainers who provide your doggie the care and attention it needs.

Why Should I Send My Dog To a Dog DayCare?

There are several benefits of sending your dog to a daycare facility. Here are some of them:

It Provides a Safe Space For Your Dog

Dogs are playful and active animals, and while you’re away for the day, your dog gets bored and restless. To release these emotions, it can adopt destructive behaviors like barking and chewing at rugs and furniture. Some dogs feel unsafe in the absence of their owners and develop separation anxiety.

However, a dog daycare offers a healthy outlet to a dog to release its emotions and mingle with other buddies. It will keep your pup occupied, so at the end of the day, you pick up a happy pup!

It Keeps Your Dog Physically Active

Regular exercise is not just beneficial for your dog’s physical health but emotional health as well. Active dogs are focused, calm and well-behaved.

A daycare offers facilities like swimming pools and playgroups to keep your dog busy throughout the day.

It Will Give You Peace Of Mind

Not just dogs but dog-owners can also have anxiety about leaving their beloved pets alone. When your dog’s at a daycare, you can spend a relaxed day knowing your pet is safe and having fun!

How Do I Pick The Best Dog DayCare?

a person in dog daycare caring for dogs

Of course, parting with your pet is not easy. You need to have the satisfaction that your pet is in the right hands. So before you choose a daycare for your dog, make sure it ticks the following boxes:

  • It’s organized and clean.
  • It’s secured by fences.
  • The area is free of dangerous objects like wires or electrical cords.
  • The staff is professionally trained and demonstrates friendly behavior.
  • The facility conducts temperament tests before accepting dogs.

The Grand Paw checks all of these boxes.

At our doggie day camp, we conduct assessments and organize similar dogs into playgroups. Our staff are not just certified pet trainers but also animal lovers!

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