Cleaning the house when you have pets can quickly become tiresome and expensive, especially if they’re of the long-haired variety. Many pet owners consider their animals to be members of the family, meaning they want to be able to play and snuggle with them as often as possible, but in doing so, the furniture and floors can take some serious damage. Rather than allowing it to become overwhelming, however, it’s best to consider some cost-effective ways to keep your home clean and smelling fresh no matter how many pets you have.

One of the easiest ways to keep your house in tip-top shape is to stay on top of cleaning rather than letting it pile up. It may be worth it to hire a pro to do a deep cleaning of your home (the price of a maid service averages $176 in Indio, CA) so you only have to worry about maintenance and touch-up cleaning projects. Assigning chores to each member of the family will help you keep track of everything that needs to be done, and it will ensure that everyone does his or her part. You can also do little things to prevent stains and pet hair from affecting your furniture, such as laying down an old towel or sheet on your pet’s favorite sleeping spot and keeping his toys clean. An experienced interior designer can help you design your space in such a way that it’s easy to tell when pet hair is starting to collect, and can also recommend solutions to hide wear and tear caused by your beloved pet.

Keep reading for some great tips on how to keep your home sparkling clean on a budget.

Remove Odors and Pet Hair

Pet stains can cause odors, which is a surefire sign that it’s time to give your home a good cleaning. Carpets and furniture can hold those smells, and they’re often pretty pungent, meaning they’re the first thing guests notice when they visit. The best way to get rid of the odor from pet stains is to use an enzymatic-based odor remover, which can be found at your local pet store. Soak the area and let it sit for a while, giving it time to work out those tough scents. When it comes to cleaning pet hair, a quality vacuum is your best bet. You can find these relatively inexpensively, however, with some top-rated models selling for under $100.

Protect Your Furniture

If your pets tend to lounge on the couch, it’s a good idea to help protect the upholstery from their hair and saliva. Lay down an old towel or sheet in their favorite spot and wash it often, invest in a comfy pet bed and encourage them to sleep in it, and groom your pets by brushing their coat thoroughly once per week outside. Also, don’t forget to give them a bath, as this is a great way to reduce allergens in your home as well — and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Keep Feet Clean

One of the most common complaints from pet owners is that their animal tracks in mud and debris every time they go outside. During the rainy season, it can be challenging to keep your floors clean. However, if you keep some pet wipes or a bowl of clean water by the door, you can clean off his feet before he walks in. This is a great tip in the wintertime too, as you’ll be able to wipe off snow, ice, and toxic chemicals (such as de-icer) your animal picks up on his daily walk.

Give Him Lots of Exercise — Outside

Dogs have lots of energy to burn, and when they don’t get it out on a daily basis, they can become anxious or take it out on your home by being destructive. Usually, this behavior is easily corrected with some good old-fashioned exercise, so make sure he gets outside every day and that you or someone in the family plays with him often. This will keep your carpeting looking new and your window treatments intact.

Cleaning your home when you have pets can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be stressful or break the bank. Starting with a good plan will allow you to keep up with the household chores and keep your pet happy at the same time. Talk to your family members about how they can help, and remember that taking preventative steps to keep your home clean is important.


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