Can you imagine how boring and suffocating it would be if you only stepped out of the house for a walk? Just take a moment and think about what would it’s like for your fur babies. Yes, we give them love and attention, but what about some fun time? You can always treat your fur baby to a relaxing spa day.

Staying at home every day can get exhausting for our dogs; it’s only fair if we take them out to blow off some steam occasionally.

Here are few ways to give your dog the right care by treating them with a spa day. Read on to learn more.

1. Exciting Indoor Play Groups

Healthy interaction with other dogs is essential for every dog. That’s one of the few reasons why studies and experts emphasize letting dogs socialize when they are just puppies.

Did you know that according to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, failure to provide dogs with socialization at a tender age can result in behavior problems later in life? Furthermore, they claim that behavioral problems cause the most death for puppies rather than illnesses and diseases.

It’s significant to take your dogs out to socialize with other dogs, given the importance of socialization. Socialization isn’t just healthy but also a great way for your fur babies to have an exciting and relaxing day.

You can treat your dogs to a spa day by letting them engage in exciting indoor playgroups with other dogs.  At The Grand Paw, Indio, we offer safe, supervised, and relaxing socialization for your fur babies.

2. A Fun-Filled Day with Outdoor Activities

One of the simplest and fun ways to ensure your fur babies relax is by scheduling a fun-filled day with outdoor activities. Doggies are the happiest when playing around in the fresh air.

A bright sunny day can be tough on all of us, and our dogs are no exception. A pool day is a must to beat the heat and relax. If you’re treating your fur baby with a spa day, don’t forget to add a little pool time to the schedule.

Our pet resort offers a full-sized swimming pool for your fur babies to splash around in.

3. Luxury Suites

What could be more relaxing for your doggies than lying down in a luxury suite having French doors with their flat-screen TV playing animal-themed movies? We’re sure you’re probably imagining yourself in this scenario—but imagine how great it would be for your dogs too.

All your fur babies need to do is enjoy themselves to the fullest.

At The Grand Paw, Indio, we offer amenities such as luxury suites for your fur babies with plush bedding and toddler beds too, and much more.

4. Doggie Grooming and Spa

An adorable puppy holding a brush

Who doesn’t love getting pampered? All of us do and so do our fur babies! Treat your dogs with some love and attention. The best way to treat your dogs with a spa day is obviously with a spa treatment. Give your dogs a relaxing grooming session at our pet resort.

Our dog grooming services ensure your dogs are always prim and proper.

Give your dogs the spa day they deserve. Bring them around to Coachella Valley’s #1 Pet Resort and dog daycare, The Grand Paw. At, The Grand Paw, we offer dog daycare, luxury dog boarding, dog grooming services, and much more.

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