You can keep your dog strong and healthy by focusing on its nutrition, medications, daily activities, and other important things. Let’s have a deeper look into this.

1. Suitable Nutrition

You need to ensure that you’re feeding your dog the right kind of food so that it maintains a healthy weight. Feeding it junk and treats on a consistent basis will result in obesity and many health problems, reducing its lifespan. Pets also need a balanced diet, and you need to consult a vet to check their vitamin levels. If they’re lower than what’s recommended, you can start using some supplements as advised by the vet.

2. Regular Exercise

Your dog needs to burn energy regularly. You can take it for walks, hikes, or play fetch with it. You can also start teaching it how to swim to ensure physical activity and allow it to stay calm throughout the day. You can create activities at home by building hurdles and hiding treats to stimulate its mental capacity.

3. Regular Checkups

You can take your pet dog annually or bi-annually to a vet for regular checkups. The health screens will outline the health and fitness levels of your dog. In addition to that, any diseases can be detected at an early stage and be treated easily. Dental hygiene is also essential to help your dog live comfortably.

4. Medications

The vet can prescribe various preventative medications, and you need to follow their schedule for them to be effective. Medications can keep your dog away from illnesses like heartworm, flea, and tick-related diseases as well. Regular teeth brushing is also essential with chewing activities to keep your pup’s jaw and teeth in good shape.

5. Grooming

You need to trim the nails of your pet and brush its fur, including giving it regular baths to keep it clean. This can help you find any lumps or bumps on the skin or any fleas or ticks.

6. Attention And Affection

You can establish a strong relationship with your pet when you spend quality time together. This includes snuggling, belly rubs, and even brushing its body. It allows a positive effect on your dog’s behavior.

7. Socialization

Send your dog to doggie daycamps and supervised playgroups so it can interact and play with other dogs and have fun. This will help it enjoy several activities and compete with other dogs for a positive impact.

A man patting his dog in Indio, CA.

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