As the COVID-19 lockdown extends in California, your work from the home period also stays in place until further notice. In some areas, however, the lockdown has been eased, but the offices are yet to open. It means that you’re at home at all times, working, going about your day, and spending time with your dog. Californians are encouraged by the government to go out and get some exercise and fresh air, but that’s not enough for your dog – a hyperactive active canine who needs constant exercise and play.

It’s where doggie daycares like The Grand Paw play an essential role in your dog’s well-being. Below we outline why your dog needs to go to daycare when you’re still working from home.


We all miss the social interaction. While we have a range of ways to stay in touch with our friends through social media, dogs have none. They need to socialize; it’s an essential aspect of their behavioral development. They should learn to be comfortable around other human beings and dogs so that they reduce their stress, ward off any anxiety, stay healthy, and be accustomed to city life. At the Grand Paw, we organize playgroups by keeping dogs of similar temperaments, sizes, and ages to ensure that your dog gets the socialization it deserves.

Separation Anxiety

golden retriever experiencing separation anxiety

While working from home, you’re spending a lot of time with your dog. Your pooch may not know why’s that happening, but who doesn’t love attention?

With time, things may go back to normal, and you’d go back to work. Leaving your dog alone at home for eight hours a day would again begin to take a toll on him.

Even if your dog were previously used to being alone for extended hours, the shift from constant company to none would induce separation anxiety. It can result in ‘bad behavior’ like chewing shoes and destroying furniture. A doggie daycare, like The Grand Paw, will ensure that your dog keeps busy and cancels out boredom while working at home. Our playgroups have climate-controlled indoor spaces and ample outdoor yards for your dog to have fun throughout the day.

Implement a Routine

Dogs love a routine. Since work from home seems like a never-ending list of tasks, you barely get free to spend time with your furry friend, let alone follow a routine that tires him and keeps him entertained. By dropping your dog to a daycare, your pup won’t follow a consistent routine, but you’ll also be comfortable knowing that your pup is in good hands.

If you’re in Indio, CA, consider getting your dog into The Grand Paw doggie daycare in Indio, CA. Each playgroup has access to climate-controlled indoor playrooms and spacious outdoor play yards for fun throughout the day. While you work at home, your pooch will be busy socializing under our expert pet care professionals’ supervision.