If you’re a dog owner and find it hard to wear your puppy out, or your adult dog seems to be bored, a doggy daycare may be a place to get some enjoyment in your dog’s life. A group of puppies playing around together until they’re tired sounds like a perfect environment for your pet. However, figuring out if daycare is right for your dog is a crucial thing to consider. Below are a few pointers that will help you in making this decision.

Dog’s Age

If you’ve got a puppy, doggy daycare is the best place for them. Daycares provide an excellent opportunity for puppies to show their energy and play. It also allows them to socialize with other dogs. When dogs are young, lack of exposure to socialization can lead to aggression and fear in the future.

However, if you’ve got adult dogs going into their golden years (it begins at 7-year-old in some breeds), they may be less interested in frolicking around. Because of their age, they may also may experience pain and body aches, which will make them react badly during play time. At The Grand Paw, we organize dogs of similar size, temperament, and interests into separate playgroups under the supervision of our certified pet-care staff, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Dachshund puppy playing fetchDog’s Behavior

Just like us, dogs also have a range of personalities.

How would you describe your dog? As an introvert or an extrovert? Some dogs don’t feel at peace when they enter a space with a lot of other dogs, while others may feel over the moon.

If you’ve got well-socialized dogs, daycare is the best place for them to be. However, the issue arises when you think that your nervous dog will come out of their shell in the daycare’s social environment. While in reality, it may make the problem worse. Daycare isn’t a place for you to test your dog’s mingling skills. It’s a place for well-socialized dogs who enjoy each other’s company.

Dogs and Their Separation Anxiety

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, daycare isn’t a place for them. Dogs who show signs of separation anxiety, like accidents, drooling, excessive barking, and attempts to escape confinement, are not fit for doggy daycare.

Your Time Away from Homedog-pug-face-pet-black-young-dog

If your dog loves being active, it’s unfair to leave him home alone while you’re at work. If you work full-time, your dog must be spending more than forty hours a week alone in the house. Sending your dog to daycare will ensure no alone time for your dog and guilt for you to leave him at home. By the time you’re back to pick him, he’ll be energized enough to play fetch with you.

Consider getting your dog into The Grand Paw doggy day care in Indio, CA if you’re here. Each playgroup has access to climate-controlled indoor playrooms and spacious outdoor play yards for fun throughout the day so that your dogs get what they deserve – fun!