Your dog is not just a pet; they’re part of your family. Most of the time, this important family member is left alone at home for 8 hours straight, unattended, while everyone else is off to work or school. Many dogs lack sufficient outlets for their energy, stimulation, and opportunities to socialize with other dogs, which can lead to behavioral issues.

Our experts at The Grand Paw, suggest sending your dog to doggy daycare. This will provide them with the loving attention and affection that all dogs need regularly. Need some more convincing? Here are the top 4 reasons why doggie daycare is right for your dog and for you too:

1. Exercise & Socialization

Along with mental stimulation that a good daycare provides, it also encourages essential exercise to keep them in top physical condition. Dogs require daily exercise to maintain their overall health. Allowing them to exercise will help with anger management issues and cause them to be more obedient.

At a doggy daycare, they can meet and play with new dogs and learn how to socialize and interact with other dogs properly. And as much as we enjoy playing and bonding with our dogs, they’ll always get more fun and exercise playing with other dogs. Better socializing will not only increase your dog’s confidence, but it’ll also improve their behavior in different settings.

2. Reduced Anxiety

One of the main reasons your dog can develop destructive behavior is due to separation anxiety. For dogs, their whole life revolves around their owner. When you leave, they’re faced with severe anxiety that’s usually channeled into being aggressive or destructive. Like humans, dogs too need constant activity to reduce anxiety, so what better way than a daycare!

When your dog is left at home alone, they may chew on your favorite leather couch, knocking over the garbage, continuously bark, or howl and may even hurt themselves in the process, due to anxiety. All this anxiety can be transformed into positive behavior, leaving your dog less restless and your house, spotless!

3. Relieves Boredom

Sad puppy waiting for owner to return home.

Like a toddler, your puppy is naturally active and extremely curious. If this energy is not channeled productively, it can lead to destructive behavior as well.

At doggy daycare, your puppy will be kept busy throughout the day and taught various behavioral lessons. They’re provided with several stimulating activities and opportunities to prevent boredom.

4. Peace of Mind

How many times have you worried about leaving your dog alone at home for the whole day, wondering whether they’ll eat, sleep, play or cry until you come back home? Doggy daycare gives you the ultimate peace of mind, knowing your dog is safe and well-cared for. In addition, you’ll walk into a clean and tidy house just how you left it, and your neighbors won’t complain about your dog barking, either!

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