Interactive indoor games are preferred for increasing manners and impulse control in dogs. They offer mental stimulation and can significantly reduce the breakout of destructive behaviors, such as excessive barking and chewing.

Hide and Seek

Regardless of the size of your dog, they’re sure to enjoy a game of hide and seek. As long as your dog understands commands such as stay, come, and sit, you should be able to play successfully. Walk them into a room and ask them to stay while you leave and hide in a different room. After they figureout where you were hiding, you can celebrate this as an achievement by offering some treats for the day!

Tug of War

This is a pet-parentfavorite since it offers a great bonding experience that’s mentally and physically stimulating. It’s played using a tug toy presented with a verbal cue or by moving the toy back and forth to spark interest and eventually engage in a gentle game of tug of war.

Basics of Obedience

Obedience training is an activity that can keep you and your dog occupied for hours on end. This requires work on improving your dog’s skills for them to respond to you positively.

The Game of Cups

This game requires three or more containers, boxes, or cups to hide treats. Place the cups upside down and insert a treat under just one of the three cups. If your dog isn’t familiar with this game, you might want to place the treat before them to build interest. However, once they get the hang of it, you might turn up the difficulty levels a notch by not letting them see which cup you’re hiding the treat under.

Go Fetch!

Who said fetch was an outdoor game! On rainy days, fetch comes in handy for giving your dog ample physical exercise indoors. Use a soft rubber ball to minimize damage around the house and to grab easily.

A game of tug of war being played using a tug toy.

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