At The Grand Paw, we’ve spent years perfecting our services to become one of the country’s best dog boarding service providers. When you leave your dog here, you can rest assured that your dog will have a fun, comfy, and safe day.

Our daycare services are highly customizable to fit your dog’s needs better. This article aims to give you some idea of what a day here can be like. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Initial Checks

We only allow dogs that have been vaccinated¬†and are free of any contagious diseases. We’re sure you can appreciate how this makes your dog safer here. We start with verifying the vaccination records and checking the dog’s temperature.

Our Suites and Cabanas

Your dog stays in our suites and cabanas with different features for different pups. We can have suites with glass windows for dogs that prefer being outside. If you prefer your precious one to remain indoors, our luxury suites have flat-screen TVs that stream adorable content all day!

The Play Areas

We have multiple indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs to explore. Your dog gets half a day of play in our suites and cabanas. If your dog is particularly active, you can choose the full day of play option. Our indoor play areas are climate controlled to provide maximum comfort. We also have a full-sized swimming pool for dogs to splash around.

One-On-One Play

If your pet has specific needs, we can customize one-on-one play sessions for them. Whether your dog likes playing ball or enjoys cuddling in a comfy suite, we’re always happy to meet your fur baby’s needs.

A dog with a puppy daycare professional in Indio, CA

Food Just Like Home

For long stays, it’s important that the dog doesn’t feel homesick. If your dog is going to stay overnight, we’ll ask you to bring your dog’s usual food for the next morning. We’ll also ask you to bring a toy or a blanket so your beloved pup can feel at home.

At The Grand Paw, we do whatever it takes to make your dog’s stay as fun and comfy as possible. Along with pet boarding, we also offer dog grooming¬†services in Indio, CA.

Want your dog to have an amazing day at our pet resort? Get in touch now!