Dog grooming is a job better left to professionals. Dog skin is different from humans, but they’re vulnerable to all the same problems as us. You have to be careful with how much product you apply, which tools you use, and how frequently you groom your dog.

The Grand Paw has been the most recommended center for dog grooming in Indio, CA, for more than a decade now. For this article, we interviewed our dog grooming professionals to learn how to do it safely. Here’s everything we learned.

Too Much Shampoo May Irritate Your Dog’s Skin

Dog skin is very different from human skin. It has a different pH and different oil needs. It’s also half as thick. Using human shampoo on your dog may damage the epidermis and make the skin more sensitive. It may also overdry the skin and irritate the inner dermal layers. Shampoos and other skin products made for dogs are worth your money, but using too much can lead to the same issues.

Using Only Mild Shampoos Isn’t a Good Idea Either

The problem is that many dog shampoos still use sulfates and alkaline ingredients. These ingredients are more irritating, but they’re also better at cleaning when your dog’s skin is too oily, or the hair is too greasy. So if you only use mild shampoos, they might also not clean the dog. We recommend using mild shampoos for regular baths and getting your dog a professional dog grooming once a month for safe deep cleaning.

Deshedding Tools May Hurt Your Dog’s Skin

Different dogs with different types of fur need different deShedding equipment. Using a deShedding tool that is not appropriate for your dog will hurt their skin and damage their hair. Even a deShedding tool right for your dog may damage their skin if used too aggressively or too frequently.

A happy dog in Indio after grooming

The Grand Paw offers dog grooming services in Indio, CA, that you can count on. All our professionals are highly trained in dog health and safety, so your dog gets the most comfortable grooming experience possible. We’re also the most recommended doggy daycare in the Palm Springs area by the local magazines.

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