Does socializing a guard dog make them bad at guarding? The short answer is, “No.” If anything, socializing your guard dog will make them safer for you and your friends to be around. It won’t affect their ability to protect you and your loved ones in the least.

The Grand Paw is an award-winning pet luxury resort, spa, and doggy daycare in Indio, CA, that’s been a social paradise for dogs for over 13 years. To better understand socialization for guard dogs, we interviewed some of our best-trained and most experienced dog daycare professionals. Here’s what they had to say.

Guard Dogs Need Socialization Just Like Any Other Dog

Dogs are naturally social species. Even when left on their own, dogs form packs with other dogs and hang out together. This is unlike solitary animals like bears, leopards, and lizards. The tendency to socialize with other dogs isn’t just a preference; it’s one of their basic needs. Just like humans lose their sanity in solitary confinements, so can dogs. So, it’s not even a question of whether it will impact your dog’s ability to guard; socializing is their right.

The Grand Paw gives the ideal environment for your dog to socialize. We also have a separate doggy daycare for large dogs, so your guard dog can socialize with others like them.

Socializing Teaches Your Dog How Act Appropriately

In social animals, a better portion of the brain is dedicated to learning how to act in different social situations. A socialized guard dog who can read social situations is less likely to flip out over little things. They’re also more likely to sense when there’s danger lurking around the corner. Socializing your guard dog will make them safer for you in every way.

Bring Your Dog to The Best Dog Daycare in Indio CA 

The Grand Paw is a pet resort in Indio, CA, that has been ranked the no. 1 dog daycare in the Palm Springs area by Palm Springs Life, Desert Magazine, and Spirit Magazine. We have many indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs to socialize across our 2.5-acre span.

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