Dogs are undoubtedly man’s best friend. They’re also by far the most intelligent of all animals, at least in terms of understanding human emotions. Still, some people have certain irrational phobias about big dogs that make them fearful of them. There are also myths and stereotypes surrounding big dogs, no thanks to horror movies such as Cujo and The Breed (we’re sure Cujo’s actor was a good boy in real life).

You may be someone who’s thinking of getting a big dog, or you may be taking your small dog to doggy daycare in Indio, CA, that also has big dogs. If you have any fears associated with big dogs, we’re here to convince you that they’re just as sweet, harmless, and genuinely friendly as any dog.

Dogs and Humans Are BFFs

In preparation for this article, we interviewed professionals at the most recommended pet boarding in Indio, CA, The Grand Paw. As it turns out, dogs and humans have been helping each other survive for thousands of years. The oldest evidence of dog domestication dates back between 18,000 to 32,000 years ago. That makes the dog-human relationship ten times older than human civilization itself.

We used the word “domestication” in the previous paragraph, implying that humans tamed dogs the same way we tamed horses and cattle. However, a growing body of evidence suggests that we didn’t domesticate dogs; they started living with us by choice. Dogs would help hunter-gatherers sniff out prey, and in return, they would get a portion of our exploits. Dogs and humans are best friends forever.

Larger Dogs Are Actually Less Aggressive

Our relationship with dogs has survived the test of time and still stands strong today. Dogs have evolved for thousands of years to get better suited to living with humans. Unless a dog has some mental condition, there’s no reason to be afraid of them, regardless of the size. In fact, one study in the prestigious journal Nature found that taller and bigger dogs are less aggressive towards the owner and even towards strangers than smaller dogs.

Consider a Doggy Day Care In Indio, CA, For Small Or Big Dogs

Phobias aren’t rational. Even if you’re convinced that big dogs are harmless, it is completely valid to fear them still. This is why, at The Grand Paw, we offer separate doggy daycare for small and large dogs in Indio, CA. You can rest assured that your dog will only be around dogs their size. The Grand Paw is also the most recommended puppy daycare and pet resort in Indio, CA.

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