Bathing a dog that hates water is not an easy task.

Many dog owners have spent countless hours trying to get their pets to stand in the tub without flinching for what seems like forever. Yet, unless you’re willing to learn how to bathe a dog that hates water, you’ll have to find another way as most dogs don’t enjoy baths or showers because they are too scared of them!

This article is the ultimate guide on how to bathe a dog that hates water.

Step 1: Keep the water at a comfortable temperature

Remember that if your dog doesn’t like running water, don’t force it. You can start by bathing your dog using a sponge instead of having them stand in the tub. Make sure to keep the temperature between 85 and 100 degrees, i.e. neither too hot nor too cold.

Step 2: Prepare an area where your dog can relax while soaking

This could be the bathroom or another room with a sink where your dog can stand comfortably. You might even want to consider putting some towels down so they don’t slip on the floor during their bath.

a person giving a dog soap bath

Step 3: Keep your dog busy

If your dog is a swimmer and loves splashing around in the pool, take advantage of that passion! Use a rubber float to keep it from drowning while you bathe. You can also use something similar as a toy for your dog to stay entertained while you’re getting him clean.

Step 4: Don’t put soap or bubbles beforehand

Make sure there’s no soap in the tub or shampoo on his fur before bathing them. If possible, try using a spray bottle filled with water instead of a regular showerhead if you want to rinse off dirt, debris, or poop.

Step 5: Visit a Pet Boarding Facility For Expert Dog Grooming Services

If you’ve tried everything you can, and your dog still refuses to get in the tub, then it’s time to visit a professional boarding facility for expert dog grooming services. These facilities have specialized staff trained on how to bathe dogs who are fearful of water.

An expert dog groomer and stylist can trim the hair around your dog’s eyes, ears, and feet before bathing to reduce the fall of the coat. They’ll also clean their teeth, wash them using mild pet-friendly shampoos and conditioners and dry them off with blow dryers to keep their coat fresh and tangle-free.

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