Summertime means festivals and celebrations, and these come with loud noises and fireworks that might upset or stress out your doggo.

Here are some ways you can help keep your dog safe and calm.

Create a Safe space for your dog

It’s necessary for your pup to feel safe at home. If they don’t like fireworks, you can create a safe spot or a hiding place that can help comfort them.

You can close all the windows and doors to minimize the loud noises. Closing all the curtains will help reduce flashing lights reaching your dog. If your dog feels threatened, he might get aggressive, so let him hide in his den and don’t take him out until he’s ready.

Tire them out

A long walk or a day at the dog park will have your dog tired and exhausted in no time. Tiring him out will reduce the chances of them reacting violently to fireworks.

Pet pheromones

Pet pheromones are chemicals that can help comfort stressed pets. They are also known as calming or appeasing pheromones. They now come in spray, collar, or in the form of wipes. Dog pheromone products are used to relieve general stress caused by storms or fireworks. If you don’t have those at hand, you can opt for lavender scents to reduce your pup’s stress levels.

A scared black and brown puppy in a white blanket


Cuddle time

Interactions like cuddling release oxytocin, a hormone responsible for positive emotions in humans and dogs. If you’re at home during and after the fireworks, you can cuddle your fur pal to assure him he’s safe. Spend some quality time with your dog to help him calm down during and after the fireworks. However, if he wants to be left alone while he’s stressed, don’t force any interaction.

Create distractions

Lastly, to keep your dog calm during the fireworks, you can keep him preoccupied by playing with him or giving him his favorite toy. Try playing catch at home with the TV or radio on so the sounds are muffled.

Doggie Daycare

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