Yes, there’s a lot of excitement when you’re bringing your new puppy home, but you’ll also be facing some challenges. For example, housetraining your dog will probably be one of your biggest tests. While some puppies don’t take much time to learn, others may take a little longer. But during this phase, never let frustration get the better of you. It’s important to remain calm, patient, and consistent.

Stay positive and follow the tips outlined below to housetrain your dog like an expert puppy daycare in Indio, CA.

1. Keep the feeding schedule consistent

Usually, feeding your puppy two meals a day is best. Don’t change the timings of these meals – serve them at the same time every day. Naturally, dogs will poop shortly after eating, so it’s best to avoid accidents and confusion in the house through a consistent feeding schedule.

2. Take your puppy out frequently

If your puppy is under 12 weeks of age, take it out every couple of hours. Puppies under such an age are in the process of developing the muscles required to hold their eliminations. Ideally, you should take your puppy out after drinking, eating, playing, and sleeping.

3. Use crate training

There’s no better way to housetrain your dog than using crate training. It also helps create a safe place for your puppy to consider it as its home. Naturally, dogs are den animals. But what does this mean? Well, this means that their instincts will take them to a quieter place to eat and rest.

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Since dogs don’t like to pee or poo where they eat or sleep, it’s important to train your puppy to remain comfortable in a crate. This will help prevent accidents within your house. Remember to not use the crate as a punishment but as an alternative when it’s difficult to supervise your dog for bedtime and naptime.

Choose the right crate size, especially if you have a large breed dog that can grow fast during puppyhood. Remember that your puppy should have enough space to lie down comfortably, turn around, and stand up.

If you give it any more space, it’ll pee/poop in one corner and rest on the other.

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