Coyotes are annoying creatures that are a constant source of worry for you as a dog owner and a threat to your dog’s safety.

These days they’re venturing close to residential neighborhoods in increasing numbers.

Here are some tips to protect your dog from coyotes.

Don’t feed your dog outdoors

You can attract wild animals like coyotes if you feed your dog outdoors.

This is because coyotes can detect a bowl of dog food from miles away, owing to their strong sense of smell. Secondly, they’re always on the lookout for free meals, so leaving traces of food outside will inevitably attract them!

Make sure to feed your dog indoors, and if you do feed outdoors, do so during the daytime and clean up any leftovers.

Avoid feeding wildlife

You should also avoid feeding wildlife like birds, squirrels, and deer in your neighborhood or yard. Any traces of food increase the risk of attracting coyotes.

Never leave your doggo unattended

Dogs and coyotes sometimes get attracted to one another. Don’t be surprised if you find your dog wrestling a coyote while you are away!

To avoid such a situation, keep your dog close to you when you’re outdoors. Coyotes are afraid of humans, and a loud clap or shout will be enough to drive it away.

Make your yard coyote-resistant

a person mowing the lawn and weeds of an old historic home

Coyotes are attracted to dark and confined spaces in properties like overgrown bushes or large bins where they can get cover.

So if your yard or property has any hiding places like shrubs and bushes, get rid of them immediately. Secondly, avoid leaving your dog alone outside during the nighttime since that’s when coyotes usually seek out their prey.

Get a coyote vest for your dog

A coyote vest is not a replacement for the above preventive measures. Think of it as a backup for unavoidable situations. For example, if you’re out in nature hiking or camping, it’s not possible to keep your dog under constant supervision.

That’s where a coyote vest comes in handy. It acts as protective armor for your dog with bite-proof material and spikes on the sides.

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