In the desert, we are all too familiar with how hot and dry the summers are. What you might not know (or realize) is that when Arizona hits its monsoon season in July, the humidity increases here. This increase in moisture makes it uncomfortable for everyone, including our pups. We have many ways our body tries to regulate in the heat but our fur babies can only cool themselves by panting. The increase in temperature also makes it very difficult for them to lower their internal temperature.

Many people think that they are saving their furry friends by letting them jump in the pool to escape the heat. This is a very bad idea. When dogs are swimming, they are extremely active causing their core temperature to increase to dangerous levels. As the heat index gets to 130 degrees or higher, this can cause a stroke very quickly. We recommend keeping your doggie indoors as much as possible or bring them down to “The Grand Paw” for some climate controlled playtime!


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