When the temperature outside starts to hit triple digits, it makes venturing out to take a walk very uncomfortable. Now imagine how our little furry friends feel walking in the blistering heat! The heat that has been absorbed by the ground can cause major damage to a dog’s pad. Fortunately, we here at The Grand Paw have your dogs feet “covered.” We take precautions when it’s time for potty breaks and playtime, such as, placing our own hands on the ground for 5 seconds. This allows us to gage if it is too hot for their paws. If it is too uncomfortable for our hands then it will surely be too hot for the dogs feet. This is an easy thing to do when you get home too. Another option is little booties for your dogs feet, yes they do make them! These will provide complete protection of their sensitive pads. The last option is changing the times in the day you walk them. If you take them out early, before the sun comes out or in the evening after the sun has gone down for a few hours. This will allow the ground to cool down. Also think about a park in your area that has grassy areas where they can be outside without having to worry about their paws. Please remember to always have fresh water available for your fur baby!


For more information click here http://www.pawmygosh.com/dog-paw-trick/