There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our dogs. We get them the best toys, give them all our love, and find the best doggie daycares if we can’t be there for them. But how did dogs became our friends? Well, the human-dog relationship is older than the agricultural revolution, which began 12,000 years ago.

The Grand Paw takes a look at how it began.

How It Started

At one point, we could have only made guesses, but with the latest genealogy technology and tests, we now know for sure that dogs have evolved with humans. The oldest domestic dog has ancient DNA dating back 10,150 years.

Domestication of Wild Animals

When people were hunters and gatherers, they chose to domesticate what was basically a wild animal—a wolf. They then took their dogs with them as they moved from one place to another, and the breed kept evolving as people did.

For example, European dogs were incredibly diverse, but they originated from two distinct populations of Siberian dogs and North Eastern dogs. The ancestry of dogs in East Asia is more complex. The relationship between wolves and people was likely reinforced due to innate human interaction.

wolves – the origin of dogs

The Role Of Facial Cues

Most of us have strong reactions when we see our dogs’ faces. It turns out that it goes the other way around too. Dogs also use facial cues to communicate. This factor may have helped things along in the evolution. Dogs developed new facial musculature as they adapted. They know what expressions to make to communicate their feelings and needs (they get cuter with their adorable puppy expressions!).

Do They Love Us Back?

If you ask pet owners if they love their dogs, you’ll hear a resounding yes. But do they love us back, or is it a dependency? Well, we can’t ask them outright, but some studies indicate that our love isn’t unrequited. Some studies have found that dogs can even visualize their owner’s face when they hear their voice.

What It’s Like Today?

Dogs are our companions, friends, and even protectors. No other species is this integrated into human society than dogs. They were once hunting partners. Now; they’re a part of our lives that we can’t live without.

People have also come up with dog daycares where dog pawrents’ babies can enjoy dog daycamp and grooming services.

dogs out with their owners

The Grand Paw – A Luxury Resort For Your Dog

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