The first rabies vaccine was made in the 1880s and has saved countless lives since then. The rabies vaccine is just one of many that have helped dogs all over the world. Vaccinations are a lifesaving gift to your pet and show your care for their health. However, if you’re not convinced about how they help, keep reading and discover why they’re so important.

#1: Protects Against Diseases

Dogs are vulnerable to contagious diseases. Vaccinations are a preventive health measure to protect them from these diseases. They have saved various pets over the years.

#2: Strengthens Immune System

A dog’s exposure to illnesses and contagious diseases can happen in two ways:

  • Vaccination – If you know anything about how vaccinations work, you know it has a tiny amount of inactive virus. Once this dormant virus enters the body, it develops antibodies for it. If your pet later has exposure to the virus, its body will recognize it and develop antibodies quickly.
  • Natural Exposure – Pets can have natural exposure to pathogens. In such a case, the body will react one of two ways: the immune system develops antibodies for it, or the pathogen overwhelms the immune system.

Vaccinations are a safe way to expose dogs to viruses so that they kickstart the body’s immune system and naturally fight off diseases.

happy and healthy dogs after vaccinations

#3: Improves Public Health

Zoonotic diseases can pass from animals to humans. The most common zoonotic example is the rabies virus. It can harm people if an infected animal bites them. Rabies is life-threatening for humans as well as dogs. It’s 100% fatal once signs appear. Another is Leptospirosis, a bacterial disease that impacts the liver and kidneys. Vaccinating your dog keeps them and the public safe from a widespread outbreak. The law also mandates rabies vaccinations, so if you haven’t gotten your pet vaccinated against it, do it now!

#4: Extends Pet’s Life

Pets can pull through and survive diseases but often are left with lifelong effects. Not only does this shorten their life, but it also ruins their quality of life. Puppies will develop poorly and be more susceptible to diseases. In addition, some develop chronic illnesses which weaken the immune system putting them at risk for other medical conditions. In contrast, vaccinated pups have more robust health, and they flourish.happy dog

#5: Cost-Effective Pet Care

Vet services can be expensive; something simple as dog cleaning can cost $300-$500. On the other hand, vaccinations are the most cost-effective form of pet care. Surgeries, specialist services, and treatment bills can run up thousands and still may not be enough to save your pet. Vaccination prevents diseases, strengthens their immune system, and prolongs the dog’s life. This helps them and prevents you from facing any heartache or guilt over losing a pet to illness.

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