We all want our furry babies to be happy, and that’s what we strive for here at The Grand Paw, a doggie daycare, and pet boarding service. However, as much as we’d like them to be happy, dogs get lonely. More than 80% of dog owners feel guilty about leaving them alone, but sometimes there aren’t any other options. Fortunately, we know the signs to recognize they’re lonely and do something about it.

Signs Your Dog Is Lonely

Here are some signs that indicate your doggo is lonely.

Sign #1: Your Dog Keeps Following You Around

Our dogs love to follow us around because they love us, but if you notice an uptick in how much they do, it may be a sign of loneliness. Dogs are social and friendly creatures, and if they feel lonely, they might follow you around a lot to get the companionship they need.

Sign #2: They Are As Playful As They Usually Are

When we play with our dogs, we often ask ourselves where all that energy comes from. However, if your dog is lonely, you may ask yourself a different question: “where did all that energy go?” Dogs may not be as playful because of inconsistent companionship. They will withdraw into themselves and won’t display most of their social skills.

a dog losing its playfulness because it is lonely

Sign #3: They Lick Themselves More Than Normal.

We know our doggies well. We know how long they will wait before asking for food, their favorite toy, and even how much they lick themselves. If there’s an increase in the licking, even that is a sign of loneliness. Dogs will lick or bite their fur if they’re lonely. This results in small circular sores and patches of fur lost. This phenomenon is called Lick Granuloma. It is common and is a manifestation of anxiety and boredom in dogs. Signs are more evident around the carpus or the wrist.

Sign #4: They’re Showing Destructive Behavior

Let’s face it, you get a dog, and it becomes common to see them chew a shoe up here and there. However, there is a difference between this and destructive behavior. If your dog is becoming aggressive and destroying the furniture, it may be a way to get your attention because they’re lonely.

How To Help

The best cure for a lonely dog is to give them lots of time and attention. However, it may not be possible for everyone, hence your dog’s loneliness. Fortunately, there are ways to help them without physically being there.

  1. You can find a good doggie daycarewhere your dog can socialize with other dogs and caretakers. If they can’t have your attention directly, they can get it through other animals and people.
  2. If you have to leave them at home, put on the radio or background music. The silence will only exacerbate their loneliness.
  3. If possible, get another dog to be their companion (Yes, we mean get your dog a dog).
  4. Take your dog out with you when you go on a run or to see your friends
  5. Try heading home for lunch breaks if you live close by.

a lonely dog

It’s important that your dog doesn’t feel lonely because it can make them sick. Doggie daycare can take away that loneliness if you can’t be there. At The Grand Paw, we do whatever it takes to make your dog’s stay as fun and comfortable as possible. Our day camp services, luxury pet boarding, and dog grooming services in Indio, CA, are all meant to make your pup happy!

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