Americans take 93 million international trips and 2.29 billion domestic trips a year. That’s a lot of traveling. Many people in the US also have pets, and as much as everyone would love to have their pets with them, it’s just not possible. What do you do when you have to leave them behind? There are solutions like dog kennels or The Grand Paw’s luxury pet boarding. Let’s see what your options are.

1. Pet Sitting

The first option is pet sitting. Many people use pet sitters if they’re out for a long time. It’s also a way to fuse personal and professional. Many pets feel more comfortable in their space. You can hire a pet sitter to come by to feed the pets, play with them, and walk them. You can also have them come by once or multiple times daily for quality time with your pet. Some will even stay in your home for the time you’re gone. However, it also means giving a stranger access to your home, and you’ll need to vet all your options thoroughly.

pet sitter taking out a dog for a walk

2. In-Home Pet Boarding

If you have an anxious pet, letting them stay at home or finding a similar environment will help them adjust to your absence. In addition to pet sitters, in-home pet boarding is also an option. For in-home pet boarding, you bring your pet to the pet sitter’s home when you leave on vacation.

In-home boarding will also allow your pet to socialize with other dogs under supervision. They can also get more interaction. Whether you go for a pet sitter or in-home pet boarding depends on how well your dogs socialize. Pet sitters also tend to cost more. They can charge $25 per 30-minute visit. While in-home pet boarding services costs may vary, it’s generally lesser than a pet sitter.

3. Dog Kennels

A dog kennel is a standard way to house your pets while away. However, call and book in advance to get a good place for your fur babies. Moreover, check if the boarding kennels have a Pet Care Services Association (PCSA) certificate and if all the caretakers have the necessary licenses. If you have a cat, check for kennels and catteries where cats are kept away from each other. Cats who are unfamiliar with each other will display aggressive behavior.

dog looking out the window of the dog kennel

4. Luxury Pet Boarding

Well, if you’re going on a vacation, there’s no reason your pet can’t have one too. Similar to dog kennels, but a step above is luxury pet boarding. There are private rooms with amenities like beds, televisions, and more. Dogs get to socialize depending on their needs, and you can also ask the caretakers to pay extra attention to your dog’s certain needs.

Luxury Pet Boarding in Indio, CA

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