Are you looking for a luxury pet boarding facility in Indio, CA? It can be an amazing experience for your dog if they’ve never been to one. However, it’s your responsibility to make sure you choose the right one.

At The Grand Paw, we’re rated the best dog boarding facility in Indio, CA, every year by the local magazines. Here’s everything you can and should expect in a luxury doggy daycare.

A Good Health Code

No matter the state of other affairs, a good dog boarding facility has to have a solid health code. Before introducing a new dog, boarding facilities should perform basic medical tests such as temperature checks. They should also verify all the dog vaccination records and only allow dogs vaccinated for rabies and other contagious diseases. A reliable doggy daycare should also perform daily health checks to ensure all dogs are doing well.

Lots of Room To Play

A luxury pet resort should offer a luxury experience to dogs. This means the resort must have lots of playrooms for dogs to explore. There should also be lots of variety in the different playrooms, so dogs stay engaged even if they stay for a week. Nothing is fun without comfort. Doggy daycare centers must have climate-controlled rooms for dogs that like the indoors. This is almost a need in the hot desert climate of the Palm Springs area.

Staff That Loves Dogs

Dogs need a lot of attention and care. A luxury resort should have staff that can ensure wellness for all the dogs there. It’s a good thing then that working with puppies and big fur babies is among the most fun and satisfying jobs in the world.

A dog daycare professional hugging a dog

At The Grand Paw, we only hire people who genuinely love dogs and are passionate about taking care of dogs. Our staff is also trained to ensure health and wellness for all our guests. We have multiple indoor and outdoor supervised playrooms and even a swimming pool for dogs. We also offer dog grooming services in Indio.

Want your dog to experience the best dog boarding facility in Indio? Get in touch now!