The Grand Paw has been rated the best dog boarding center in Indio, CA, by several local magazines. Still, ensuring a fun and luxurious experience is not our only priority. We also care about the health and safety of all the dogs that stay with us.

For this article, we share some specific ways with you to ensure your dog’s health and safety. This article may not cover everything we do, but we hope it’s enough to put your mind at ease that your pup is safe here. So without further ado, let’s get started.

We Only Allow Healthy and Vaccinated Dogs

At The Grand Paw, we take contagious canine diseases very seriously. We conduct temperature tests before we let a new dog in. This ensures the dog doesn’t currently have an infection that could infect others. We also verify vaccination records for influenza, rabies, Bordetella, and DHPP. This is the same for dogs that enter the premises just for a tour. You can rest assured that your dog is protected against contagious diseases.

Our Staff Has Been Trained in Animal Health and Safety

All our staff is highly trained in animal health and safety. We ensure every dog gets proper attention and is looked after by a pet-handling extraordinaire. Our staff is available 24/7 on-site to further ensure safety, even during the nighttime. We also ensure health and safety with our systematic health and wellness checks. We also took the Off-Leash Play Safety Pledge from The Dog Gurus to better ensure safety on our playgrounds.

Dogs in a doggie daycare center in Indio, CA


We Have Separate Daycare for Big and Small Dogs

Last but not least, we have separate daycare facilities for different dog sizes to ensure nothing goes wrong. We also have luxury suites for dogs and even for cats!

Thanks to our team’s love and care for all the pups that stay here, The Grand Paw is among the four best pet daycare centers in the US, according to the editors of Spirit Magazine. Along with doggy day care services, we also offer dog boarding and grooming services in Indio, CA.

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