If you have a dog, then you’re probably familiar with its many moods. Dogs can express their feelings just like humans can, and tend to get sad and reserved when stressed out. Similarly, sometimes, we may also confuse our pups with the way we behave.

While dogs tend to be extremely flexible in their behavior, they may have difficulty understanding some of our actions.

Here are some things we do that may confuse our dogs:

Leaving Them Alone:

Dogs are born to socialize and love to spend time with other dogs, humans, and other animals. They tend to be active and play, explore, rest, and travel with a companion. However, when we leave our pets alone at home, they get confused about whether we will come back.

It takes a couple of times before they realize that you will eventually return, which depends on their own experience.

two dogs together

Our Primary Sense Is Our Sight:

Dogs are mainly driven by their olfactory senses, while we live in a visual world. While we enjoy watching TV and videos, dogs have more fun in parks and beaches.

Similarly, dogs don’t like sitting still for long periods, while humans relax by sitting and laying down.

Changing Smells:

Since dogs are hypersensitive to smells, they will sense any outside smell on items we take with us. Changing your shampoo of choice, perfume, detergent, soap, or deodorant, will also change the smells your dog is used to.

This regular change of scents can confuse our pups since they use smell to identify familiar people and strangers.


Humans tend to express their love and affection by hugging their pups. Contrastingly, dogs may hold each other loosely while play-wrestling, fighting, or mating.

When we hold our dogs tightly, it makes them unable to escape quickly, and they may feel threatened by our enthusiastic embraces.

A woman hugging her Dalmatian

How to Make Your Dog Happier:

Before anything else, visit the vet to rule out any physical health issues your dog may be facing. Dogs show symptoms of depression when they are in physical pain or undergoing an illness.

If there is no physical ailment, analyze other factors that may be causing your dog to behave differently. If you have moved houses or another dog in the family died or changed your schedule, it may cause stress to your pup. Try to make your dog feel safe and secure by spending more time with them.

Make sure your pup has enough time to rest and ample outdoor time. Take them on a drive, or bring them to The Grand Paw for a fun retreat.

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