Dogs aren’t just pets; they’re family members. And like most family members, they have days when they get annoyed by the things you do. As a dog parent, it’s your responsibility to learn your dog’s likes and dislikes.

To get you started, here’s a list of things you may be doing that’s make your dog hate you:

You’re Hugging Them Too Tightly

Oh, how amazing it feels to cuddle with your furball! However, research has proven that hugging a dog may spike up their levels of stress and anxiety. If your dog tends to avoid eye contact, put their ears down, or look at you with half-moon eyes, it’s likely because they don’t enjoy being immobilized by humans.

If this is the case, try patting them instead to express your fondness.

You’re Rushing Their Walks

If you’re a dog owner, you owe your dog enough time to be able to comply with their routine, especially their daily exercises. Dogs need ample time on their walks to smell (almost) everything they encounter because that’s how they take in information about the world.

In addition, you shouldn’t force your dog to be social all the time. If they seem particularly aggressive with another dog or individual during the walk, don’t force them to warm up.

You’re Disciplining Them Incorrectly

Did you know punishing your dog in the wrong ways can permanently strain your relationship? Moreover, it’s highly likely that relying on the wrong ways to discipline a dog won’t correct their behavioral issues.

Screaming at your dog or hitting them will only upset them further. Try timeouts instead to discipline them correctly.

A dog frowning upon his owner

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