You’ll find countless sources on the internet linking to studies and research that prove that dogs are great companions for your quarantine period. They help fight off the perils of loneliness and prevent your mental health from deteriorating. But what happens when dogs feel lonely and are on the brink of a mental breakdown? Who’s going to help them?

Dogs suffer from severe mental health problems when they’re left alone or cordoned off from the rest of the world. By nature, dogs are pack animals, as they’ve descended from a breed of wolves. They need a pack or socializing with other dogs to survive and stay happy. And if not canine, they need human company at least.

Confined Spaces

This is the worst form of torture for dogs because they’re not used to being in confined spaces. Even if you adopt a tamed, domesticated pet dog, you can’t wholly undo their genetics. It’s an evolutionary predicament.

When you put them in tight spaces, they don’t get enough environmental stimulation. Whether it be a kennel that you’ve built lovingly or a small room in the house, they can’t survive in confined spaces.

The poor creatures will try their hardest to catch a glimpse of other dogs. But often, they fail, and this can be a source of great distress to them. It’s unjust to extricate them from a pack and not provide an alternate pack of canine company.

Aggression Triggered By Loneliness

When a dog is tied to a corner of the house, all alone and away from the world, they become depressed and anxious. This takes a toll on their mental health, and they start acting out in aggressive ways. You’ll notice that they’re urinating everywhere except the litter box even when they’re toilet trained. They’ll growl or snarl at outsiders or reject human company even if it’s friendly. They’ll tear up the furniture or scratch the wood. In worst cases, they might even try to inflict self-harm or escape the premises.

This is usually when pet owners start to notice their mental condition, but it’s too late. This is not the beginning of their breakdown; it’s nearing the end.

Two friendly dogs.

How to Avoid It

Your dog needs more than just weekly baths, food, toys, and comfortable pet beds. As humans, we try to show our love and care the way we like it. But they’re animals, and they function differently.

They need canine friends more than a comfortable mattress. Take them out for walks, arrange playdates, invite other dogs over, or send them to our boarding facility.

One of the best dog daycare in Indio, CA, is perfect for your dog, as they get a taste of being in a pack. They’ll find many new friends and a fun environment to play in. Your dog will enjoy a change by living in our luxury boarding dog kennels under the care of expert caretakers also providing dog grooming services in Indio.

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