Work from home is hard. You miss out on all those morning coffee sessions, lunch gossip, passing silly jokes on work email, and seeing your co-workers every day! But it is easier when you have a pet to keep you company.

They snuggle with you when you need comfort, do playful stunts to keep you entertained, or remind you to eat when they get hungry. They look after you in their own bwooful way.

That being said, it’s okay to admit that having a dog crawling into your lap and pulling at your PJs all the time can get too much. It doesn’t make you a bad pet parent and we won’t tell anyone if you secretly agree with this.

Here’s how you can make home better when there’s a pet around.

No-Pets Office Space

The worst thing you could do to yourself is work in the same bed that you sleep in. That removes even the illusion of a boundary between work and personal life, and that’s bad. But more than that, it’s your comfort zone, and where you crash at the end of the day, and your pet knows that. If they sleep in the same bed as you, they’ll take the liberty to snuggle with you while you’re working.

This can be a major distraction. That’s why you need a no-pets office space. Keep your work desk aside and train your pet to not enter that corner at any time of the day, even at night.

A woman sitting on a yellow couch with a dog.

Utilize Nap Times

We suggest you train your dog to not demand your attention 24/7, but this is easier said than done. You can ignore your pet in the first half of the day, but they tend to get restless around mid-day. That’s when you run out of options. They’re not interested in their treats or toys; that’s a cue for plan B and that’s mission nap-time.

Utilize this trick when your pet has been fed and is tired. Set the mood, get their bed ready, and pat it to call them there. If they’re too insistent on sticking with you, drag the bed closer to you. Your boss will appreciate you finishing work on time, all because of your dog’s siesta.

Provide Stimulation

Pet calls can really break your concentration. The best way to get rid of them while you work is to provide stimulation.

We’re talking about pet games, hide and seek playtime, chewy toys, or videos. These forms of entertainment keep your pets occupied, and much to your relief, away from your work station. Encourage self-play in them as much as possible, that’s the only way they’ll have a job to do while you do yours.

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