If you had to list down all the things that are necessary for your dog’s health and development, you’d probably think regular vaccinations, vet exams, good nutrition, and parasite control. When it comes to socializing dogs, most dog owners don’t pay much attention to play. If you’ve been doing the same, it’s time for a change. Socializing and playing with dogs is crucial for the health and overall wellness of your dog.

Here are some reasons why you should let your dog socialize with their canine friends for their development.

They Can Be Easily Groomed

We’ve groomed and trained several dogs, and we can tell you from experience that improperly socialized dogs are more anxious and challenging to groom. They also pose a risk to their own well-being and that of others. Grooming is a crucial aspect of every pet dog’s upbringing. In fact, most breeds of dogs must be groomed regularly to ensure that their skin and coat are healthy. But if your dog is anxious and scared, they will keep refusing to be touched, which may make it harder to groom them.

Socialized Dogs are Less Likely to Run Away

Non-socialized, scared, and anxious dogs are more likely to run away from home. If they encounter a new pet or member in the house who they aren’t used to seeing around, their anxiety may rise, putting them at a higher risk of escaping. You obviously don’t want to lose your pet, so get them socialized!

If you want to socialize your dog, take them out for walks, arrange playdates, invite other dogs over, or send them to our boarding facility.

Our dog daycare near La Quinta, CA, is perfect for your dog, as they get a taste of being in a pack. They’ll find many new friends and a fun environment to play in. Your dog will enjoy the change as they live in our luxury boarding dog kennels under the care of expert caretakers, with top quality dog grooming near La Quinta.

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