Social distancing and self-isolation are not easy for anyone. People are losing their marbles because of boredom. The list of things you can do, hobbies you can try, new skills you can learn and books you can read is exhaustive. But having a dog with you, during quarantine, is a blessing!

These furry friends can make your day just by squealing happily or running to you when you show up with food. But seeing you all day is a drastic change in their routine as well and they need time to adjust.

They miss their evening walks as much as you miss meeting your friends for drinks so adapting to this routine is equally tough for both.

Here are some tips to make this time easier for both of you.

Make do with what you have

Look around your house. Notice things that you didn’t pay attention to previously. Do you have a space that can be used to turn into a play area for your dog? It could be a long hallway, staircase, living room, garden or backyard.

As long as the place is indoors, it’s safe for use. Think of activities that can be done there. For instance, you can play fetch in a corridor or hallway. You can also play tug of war with a towel or any spare cloth that you have in the house. This will keep them charged throughout the day and also use all their muscles to stay physically active.

Think of Mental Exercises

dog holding a stick with colorful ribbons tied to it

It’s not just you who experiences bouts of depressive episodes. Your dog can feel depressed during the quarantine as well!

In order to keep their minds engaged, use this time to do some mental exercises. If you’ve been planning to teach a few new tricks to your doggie, now is the time for it. Teach them to spin, roll over, play dead or balance on hind limbs. Since these tricks involve commands and compliance, they’re also great for disciplining your dog.

These tricks are as physically entertaining as they’re great for jogging inactive parts of their brain.

Give Them Healthy Food

We’ve been hearing from loads of pet parents that they’ve been unusually generous with dog treats during this time. We know that tossing out treats is a great way to distract your dog when you’re busy. But don’t spoil their diet routine just because treats help you ward off unwanted attention.

Make sure you’re keeping a strict eye on their meals. Don’t let them overeat or go to sleep without burning out all the carbs that they have eaten. Include healthy food in their diet and stay regular with a physical routine.

Give Them Healthy Distractions

This sudden change in the routine is as shocking for the dog as it’s unsettling for you. Sure, staying at home all day can get boring. But it’s hard for your dog to adjust to the new routine where you’re at home all day.

They’re not used to this kind of attention and you don’t want to make them get too attached to your presence. Because as soon as conditions get better, life will resume, and you’ll be back at work and only see your dog at day’s end.

In order to train them for life post-lockdown, you need to create healthy boundaries. Don’t let them on your bed when you go to sleep. Give them a long-lasting dental chew or a puzzle bowl to kill time while you work. And mostly, follow the same time schedule as before going into lockdown.

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