It’s never easy leaving your pup in someone else’s care. No matter what breed you own, they’ll struggle with things like separation anxiety in your absence. Fortunately, puppy daycares provide the ideal solution. They’re great for dropping your doggo off temporarily while you’re busy and keeping them preoccupied until you’re back. But what qualities do the best puppy daycares possess?

Here are four qualities of great puppy daycares!

1. They Provide High-quality Dog Grooming

Did you know dog grooming is vital to prevent ear infections in your pup? Professional dog grooming will make your fur baby look and feel fantastic. Therefore, it’s vital to select a puppy daycare that provides a high-quality dog grooming service. We recommend looking for dog day care centers that use hypoallergenic grooming products and hire groomers that are aware of the nuances of grooming different breeds.

2. Their Dog Kennels Are Comfy

Imagine leaving your best friend at a puppy daycare where the kennels are rusty and smell like poop. It’d be a nightmare! There’s a ton of legislation outlawing cruelty against animals, but unfortunately, the minimum standard for dog kennels is quite low. In other words, it’s up to owners to seek out dog day care centers with comfy dog kennels.

3. They Offer Plenty of Outdoor Space

If you want your dog to be healthy, it’s vital to let them spend time outdoors. So, why not drop your pup at a puppy daycare with plenty of outdoor space? We recommend opting for a place with at least one outdoor play area that’s big enough to let your dog run around and play with their newfound furry friends. But if you want to go the extra mile, consider a puppy daycare with swimming pools and indoor play areas. Your pup will love you for it!

4. They Have High-quality Pet Boarding Facilities

If you’re dropping your pup at a puppy daycare for a few hours while you work, you won’t care much about pet boarding facilities. But what if you’re heading out of town for a few days? Unless you want your pup sleeping rough, it’s crucial to choose a puppy daycare with high-quality pet boarding facilities.

The best dog day care centers will provide comfy beds to ensure your pup has a good night’s sleep. They’ll also provide temperature-controlled indoor areas to keep your fur baby healthy.

A dog sitting outdoors with a toy in its mouth

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