Every year 8 to 12 million pets are euthanized because there aren’t enough homes. Animal hostels, also known as animal shelters take in homeless animals and treat them. Although the number of animal hostels continues to rise, people don’t have sufficient information about the services provided in the shelters.

This blog post is a comprehensive guide on animal shelters.

Animal Shelters 101

Animal shelters provide shelter to animals such as dogs and cats. These animals are often given up by their owners or they are lost and homeless. At these shelters, animals are taken care of and housed temporarily. It’s sad to know that only half of the pet animals return to their original owners. Animal overpopulation is one of the primary reasons behind the increasing need for animal shelters.

Services Provided At Animal Shelters

Grooming Services

Most pets, including the dogs and cats that end up in shelters are not the healthiest. They have overgrown coats with bugs in them. Many of these animals are also severely malnourished and have poor hygiene. In animal shelters, these animals are bathed regularly. Their coats are trimmed and styled to make them appear cute. Their nails are trimmed as well to prevent them from attacking and injuring caretakers.

Behavioral Therapies

Unfortunately, pets in shelters have undergone traumatic experiences. Most of them have suffered abuse at the hands of their owners. The chances of comfort are even bleaker for stray dogs and cats. They are malnourished and underfed. The constant neglect and harsh behavior of people around them adversely impact the personality of such animals, making them either aggressive or completely withdrawn.

Boarding Services

Some animal shelters also provide daycare services for dogs and cats. Owners who travel around and need responsible pet caretakers choose boarding facilities. Most boarding facilities are equipped with all sorts of entertainment and care essentials. The owners are required to send their dogs with their bags that contain their food, clothes, and favorite toys.

A dog behind a fence

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