Anxiety is natural in dogs. Loud noises and separation from their owners are some factors that can trigger anxiety in dogs.

However, it’s nothing to be worried about. This article discusses several ways you can calm your anxious dog. Moreover, a good pet care facility can also provide your dog with the relaxation it needs.

Engage Them in Exercise

If your dog is always anxious, it might be time to get it moving.

Consider taking it to a long walk in the park, the beach or playing outdoor games like fetch. However, it’s not always possible to take your dog outdoors, given the cold and rain showers, so you can play indoor games like hide and seek too.

Entertain Them with Toys

Toys not only entertain your pet but provide mental stimulation too. Puzzle toys are great for your furry friend and make for a surprise treat. Similarly, chew toys keep it busy with its sounds and textures.

This makes them ideal for reducing boredom, hyperactivity and anxiety in your dog.

a puppy in striped dress standing among toys


Probiotics are known to be effective for easing anxiety in humans. But now veterinarians recommend probiotics for pets too. Lisa Radosta, a certified veterinary behaviorist says that probiotic supplements are effective for canine patients that experience anxiety. The best treatment approach is multimodal, including behavioral treatments as well as medications and supplements which reduce anxiety.

However, always consult a veterinarian before using any medication.


Calming music can help soothe your anxious dog when no remedy seems to work.

But don’t reserve music for distressing times. Even fun and relaxing times with your doggo deserve calming music playing in the background. This will mentally condition your pet to calm down when this music is played during stressful times.

A safe space

While you’re away for long hours, your dog will feel anxious. It might even propel them to do something destructive.

To offer it some form of relief while you’re away, you can assign it a crate or a comfy dog bed.

However, this only offers limited comfort to your dog. A better option is to move your fur baby to a dog daycare.

At the Grand Paw, we understand leaving your dog alone impacts its mental health and yours too. That’s why we offer doggie daycamp, a safe and fun-filled dog daycare center in Palm Desert.

Contact us today to learn more about our doggie daycare facilities.