Leaving your beloved pooch in the care of someone else is the last resort for most dog owners. Especially when it’s with a team of strangers, no matter how trained and qualified they might be. However, dealing with experienced dog boarding facilities might prove you wrong.

Outsourcing your daily pet care is so stigmatized in the pet parent community that owners opt to invest in smart cameras and feeders so that pups can be “looked after” while they’re at work. However, at The Grand Paw, over a decade of experience has shown us the positive impact a varied routine can have on your pad-footed friend’s mental health.

Check out this blog post to see how to pick the right facility. At our dog daycare in Indio, CA, and many other California locations, we don’t just make sure your dog is comfortable. We make sure they have a fun-filled day.

If they can’t spend the day in your lap, the lap of luxury is the next best thing, isn’t it? Here’s why daycare is better than letting them chill at home:


Our facility has taken the group-play safety pledge, which means that we ensure your fur baby will only play with fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered animals. Free play with other dogs is an integral part of raising a well-behaved and well-adjusted animal. While your puppy daycare will have socialized them early on, continuing this practice is necessary.

This doesn’t just apply to other dogs. Getting used to the team of handlers will build up your dog’s social skills with humans. This will make them less likely to bark (as much) at strangers who come through the door and minimizes the odds that they’ll ever snap at anyone.

Build Up Their Confidence

A good pet boarding center will give your four-legged bestie the royal treatment, but let’s be honest. Nobody will put your dog on a higher pedestal than you. That’s why spending a few hours a day at a dog daycare center is great for fussy dogs.

If you choose a facility like ours, which is more of a pet resort, they won’t have it rough, but they’ll learn that compromising isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Prevent Separation Anxiety Later On

Many animals experience separation anxiety when they’re away from their owners. You might find this endearing, but ultimately it could be harmful to your pooch. While dog daycare is an option, you might someday have to check your furball into a dog boarding kennel.

In an emergency, it’s always easier working with a familiar team and knowing your furry family member won’t be too distraught in your absence.

Puppy enjoying luxury pet care near Palm Springs

Our comprehensive pet care includes dog grooming services. If you’re going on a vacation, your four-legged friend deserves the finest staycation that California has to offer.

If you think we might be right for you, call (760) 398-9900 to speak to our team. We have an animal hostel near La Quinta and multiple other CA locations.