It might be nerve-wracking to leave your four-legged friend with strangers, even if they are professionals. If that’s the case for you, check out this blog post, which explains how daycare facilities benefit you and your favorite companion.

Still, at The Grand Paw, we appreciate that nobody knows your dog and its needs like you do. While it might be a tall order to find pet care near Palm Desert with staff willing to learn every little thing about your pup, as the owner, you can still make the best choice for them.

Here are a few things you need to consider before committing to a dog daycare center. Ideally, you won’t have to switch to a different one, and your pup won’t have to readjust.

Driving Distance

Is your dog nervous during car rides? If so, don’t choose a facility that requires a long drive. Remember that there might be daily visits, and you wouldn’t want your pup to be anxious every day.

Do They Have Options For Accommodation?

While your dog daycare center should keep your furry friend busy most of the day, they should have a place for them to get comfortable too. If there are options for different kinds of dogs, it shows that the facility appreciates that all dogs have different needs.

Variation in Activities

Some dogs hate walks, which can stand in the way of them getting a healthy amount of exercise. That’s why top dog kennels and pet resorts tend to have swimming pools. Water is the perfect solution for dogs with a strong aversion to exercise.

Is The Play Safe?

Any daycare worth its salt will have strict guidelines about how dogs are allowed to interact with each other for safety reasons. Find out if the daycare centers you’re considering have rules favorable to your pooch.

Multiple Locations

This is a good indicator of quality and also reliability. An operation with many centers likely has access to more resources, and if you ever relocate, you’ll have the option to remain with the same organization.

Puppy enjoying the pool in the Palm Springs area

The Grand Paw was originally set up by dog lovers for dog lovers. We understand that if you could, you’d sneak your dog around the world. But if that were possible, too much travel can be extremely stressful for canines. In addition, taking them to work and having them spend the day under your desk wouldn’t be the healthiest practice.

Our pet care and dog grooming services are unparalleled because our team knows how to work with all kinds of temperaments and sizes. Furthermore, since we double as a dog-boarding kennel, you’ll be able to leave your pooch in a familiar setting in an emergent situation.

If you’d like to discuss our services, call (760) 398-9900 to speak to our team. We have animal hostels across California, and we can help you find the nearest one.