You need to prep and plan before bringing a new dog home and adding it to your family. A dog requires some essentials like food and treats to help with its training. Some utensils need to be designated for them, like bowls for food and water, and a bed also needs to be prepared. You also need a leash and collar to control its movements until it’s not trained properly.

It is essential to set up an appointment with a vet to get your dog checked and vaccinated. Then you can easily bring it home.

Here’s how you can make it comfortable in your house.

Introduce It To The New House

You need to teach your dog about house rules and boundaries from the get-go. If you allow it to do whatever it wants, then it will create big messes without being held accountable. Dogs can read your body language, and they can understand if something is allowed or not.

Stay Calm

It can be quite overwhelming for a dog to come to a new house with a new family, and it may react accordingly. However, staying calm is important. You need to give it a certain amount of attention and love and not go overboard. This will help it to become more familiar with its surroundings.

Take A Walk With Your Dog

Take your dog on a walk in the neighborhood to let it familiarize itself with the surroundings. This will drain your dog’s energy and keep it calm, and it will get used to the neighborhood.

A dog walking outside the house in Indio, CA.

Give A Tour Of Your House

Let your dog wear a leash and show around the entire house. This will allow you to control it from wandering off and sniffing everything. Be consistent with the tour and room entering practice to make your dog understand you’re leading the way.

Your Dog’s Feeding Area

Keep a set of bowls in the feeding area and give it treats and water in order to let it figure out where it has to go for food.

Your Dog’s Bedroom


You can set up a plushy bed or crate for your dog and show it to her at the end of the house tour. You can then let go of the leash to help it understand that this is somewhere your dog can be on its own. Try to locate a peaceful corner so that it doesn’t get disturbed by family members.


To professionally train your dog and add it to supervised playgroups you can contact us. Our doggie day camp in Indio, CA, is a great way for it to socialize and have fun. You can also leave your dog for an overnight stay if you need to leave for a vacation.