As much as you love your dog, you are allowed to wish for a break. What you need is to pack your bags, hop in your car and go on vacation (once the lockdown is over). This should allow you the time and space you need to unwind.

That said, your time away can be troubling for the dog. They don’t deserve to be locked inside the house with an occasional visitor to check on them. Why not give them a free pass for a vacation by sending them to our doggie daycamp?

We promise to make it fun while keeping it safe for your pet. But preparing your dog for boarding is the first challenge. Here are some tips that will help.

Boarding Trial

Sending your dog to pet boarding can be tough as sending your kid off to school on their first day. They can be overcome with separation anxiety and throw a fit when it’s time to drop them off. More than a dislike for the new place, it’s the shock factor that makes them frenzied. They need to be eased into the new routine by giving boarding a trial. Bring them over to us one day and stay with them so they can get comfortable and make friends.

dog swimming in pool

Adjust Sleep Routine

The day you start planning for a trip, you need to think of your dog first. If they’re in the habit of sleeping in your bed, they’ll have trouble parting with you during the long time apart. Start by separating your living arrangements. Get them adjusted to sleeping in their own space. It’s important that they get used to sleeping away from you so that they don’t have trouble staying at the boarding facility.

Visit the Veterinarian

As a basic etiquette, it’s essential that you de-flea your dog and follow up on pending vaccinations before dropping them off at our boarding. We’ll have many other dogs at the facility who might want to play with yours. If your dog is infested with fleas, it can transmit to other animals as well. It’s important that you maintain your dog’s medical routine and respect the well-being of other dogs as well.

Drop them Early Morning

After you’ve prepared your dog for their stay at our boarding, it’s time to put the plan in action. To ensure that your dog enjoys a fun-filled experience at our facility, allow them to spend quality time with other dogs. For that, it’s important that you leave them with us in the early hours of the day. This way they’ll have the entire day to bond and play with fellow dogs and adjust to the new surroundings.

We’re the pet care experts in Palm Desert who can care for your dog as well as you do, while you’re away on vacation.

Our pet resort and Indian Wells dog daycare is the perfect place to host a doggie daycamp that’s designed to entertain all dogs. We have indoor playrooms and outdoor pools to let them have the time of their life, as well as complete dog grooming services at Indio, CA!

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