Doggie daycare works just like child daycare, except there’s less learning and a whole lot of playing!

Reputable luxury doggie daycares pride themselves on offering a safe haven for your pets while you go off to work. Instead of being left all by themselves at home, your puppy can spend the day playing and making new fuzzy friends at a doggie daycare you trust!

Doggie daycares alleviate the guilt many dog owners feel when they leave their dogs behind as they go about their day.

By dropping your favorite companion off at a luxury daycare, you can rest assured that your dog is safe, well-fed, and happy.

Here’s what your puppy can expect from a doggie daycare:

Plenty of Space to Play

similar 5 dogs sitting together

Dog owners who live in apartments have a hard time keeping their puppies and dogs entertained. But dogs have a lot of energy they need to release, and apartments simply don’t offer that kind of space.

Doggie daycare usually has lots of open space for your puppy to run around in. Your puppy can run and play as much as they want.

Make New Friends

Puppies that haven’t had much interaction with other puppies and dogs will have lots of opportunities to socialize.

Doggie daycares welcome puppies and dogs of all sizes and shapes; it’s the perfect chance for your puppy to learn canine etiquette and behavior.

Potty Training

If you don’t have the time to potty train your dog, then it helps to drop them off at a doggie daycare. Doggie daycares like The Grand Paw have staff members who are trained in animal health and safety.

They can help train your puppy, so they won’t have to do deal with accidents at home.

Bathing and Grooming

Doggie daycare isn’t all just fun and games; they ensure your puppy returns to you in top shape by bathing and grooming them.

They also ensure that your pup is free of fleas and that they have clean hair.


The Grand Paw is a reputable luxury doggie daycare based in Indio, CA. Our doggie daycare is separated for big and small dogs to ensure the safety of dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds. We offer daily monitoring and wellness checks, as well as dog grooming services.

Contact us at (760) 398-9900 for more information.